DOMESTIC installations often require to remove micro-organisms and bacteria, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia, which have a high resistance to chemical disinfectants. However, with UV systems the DNA-RNA of bacteria is destroyed, and water is made reliable for human use.

Also in POINT OF USE applications, water must be the purest possible, without micro-organisms, bacteria, legionella: the UV system process is often needed to killl bacteria and make water useful for human use.

0  ..  6 m³/hr

0  ..  26,6 GPM

Single lamp reactor

Standard SS AISI 304

High efficiency electronics

Vertical / Horizontal operation

6  ..  93 m³/hr

26,4  ..  409,4 GPM

Multiple lamp reactor

Standard SS AISI 304

High efficiency electronics

Vertical operation


MUNICIPAL water is often affected by legionella, which can be easily eliminated with UV sterilizers, that can also remove pathogenic micro-organisms harmful for humans, by inactivating them and making the water microbiologically pure and uncontaminated.

UV sterilizers in POOLS enable for the decrease in the amount of chloramines limiting the use of chlorine and other chemical substances responsible of red eyes or irritation of the skin. It can also inactivate bacteria, viruses and other pathogens for a better water where to swim.

INDUSTRIAL applications, many times, require the use of water free from bacteria and viruses, depending on the process, but obtainable with UV sterilizers that can decrease, sharply, the contamination of the used materials.


WASTE WATER is one of the factors that increase the pollution of the planet, and UV systems, properly dimensioned, are the most important part in the treatment process, where, after filtering, the bacteria charge has to be inactivated. With UV, it is also possible to undergo an oxidation process to reduce toxic pollutants.

AQUACULTURE is affected by pathogen problems, both in fresh and sea water, fixed with UV disinfection systems. As it is not harmful for fish, no chemical products are needed for the treatment. As a result, with a correct dimensioning of the systems 99.99% of bacteria are inactivated.

75  ..  600 m³/hr

3300  ..  2640 GPM

Amalgam lamp reactor

Standard SS AISI 304

High efficiency electronics

Horizontal operation