The core part of every water sterilizer is made of the UV-C lamps, i.e. a vapour or amalgam mercury lamp releasing an ultraviolet radiation in the UV-C band of 253,7 nm, responsible for the disintegration of bacteria and pathogens, while also ensuring the disruption of molecolar bonds inside the DNA of microorganisms.

SATEPA Srl offers a wide range of UV-C lamps both standard and with proprietary design, all produced within the European Community, with high quality standards that guarantee maximum efficiency.


Low pressure lamps in pure quartz tube. They release ultraviolet radiations in the UV-C band and make up the majority of mono and multi lamps in the UV systems for small flow rates. Below is a summary table of the most common lamps available and their equivalence to the most common lamps.

Code Description Length Ø external Equivalence
3043515425 Lamp 21/30W – L30 435 mm 15 mm UV028102 – GPH436T5VH/4
4084315425 Lamp 38/40W – L40 843 mm 15 mm UV028104 – G36T5L/4

TUV 36T5 HE 4P

8084315425 Lamp 75/80W – L80 843 mm 15 mm UV018124 – GH036T5L/4

80056364 – TUV 75 HE 4P


These lamps release UV-C radiations thanks to the mercury being fixed internally to golden spots of amalgam along the axis of the pure quartz tubes. As a result, high UV-C power supplies are achieved and it is, therefore, possible to apply these lamps to high capacity systems. SATEPA offers the most common amalgam lamps with power supplies from 100W up to over 500W.



Quartz sleeves serve as a protective housing for the lamps inside the sterilizers, while ensuring complete isolation from water, which otherwise could damage the electronics driving the system. They are made of pure quartz and are available in the standard versions, but can be offered at different lengths and finishing, tailored to customers’ requests.

Code Description Ø internal Ø external
QSD2023 Quartz  open-domed 20 mm 23 mm
QSO2023 Quartz  open-open
QSD2225 Quartz  open-domed 22 mm 25 mm
QSO2225 Quartz  open-open