CARTRIDGE HOUSINGS can be used in a variety of filtration processes including pre-filtration, to remove particulates from liquid streams. The most common required applications are in the CHEMICAL, FOOD and BEVERAGES, MINERALS and MINING,  as well as PHARMACEUTICAL and WATER TREATMENT industries. 

Housings are available in various sizes for different cartridge lenghts from 20″ to 40″. The clamp systems allows quick and easy cartridges change.

15 ... 44 m3/h
66 ... 150 GPM
"V-Clamp" / swing bolt hinged
cartridge 20" 30" 40"
7 Bar or 10 Bar
Flanged optional

40 m3/h max
176 GPM max
Standard SS 304
Bag basket
Size 2 bag lenght
7 bar max pressure


INDUSTRIAL use bag filter housings, manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel, equipped with drilled basket for quick and easy  “size 2” bag filter  lenght replacement

The most common required applications are in the WATER TREATMENT in general, in CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES and in , FOOD and BEVERAGE. 

The housings come with polish coat finishing, with a round band closure (V-clamp) for a fast and easy maintenance  and are provided with ½” port both for vent and drain