Wide range of systems for the decomposition of fumes and odours produced by food preparation. They are made of stainless steel and are easy to mount both on the already present hoods, thanks to their simple and fast fixing system, and on new installations. 

The system provides for UV-C lamps with ozone production to be attached to the hoods frame. These are designed with the mercury amalgam technology, directly fixed on the frame and driven by a special electronic ballasts and by the control unit (which runs the entire system, including the safety and the speed of the extractor).

The HA series allows to obtain a total reduction of odours and saturated fumes, reducing installation costs, since costly and frequently maintained components are avoided.

The frames on which the lamps are mounted are available in different measures according to the dimensions of the hoods or of the duct on which they are installed, and to the capacity of the hood extraction duct. Customized solutions are also available.


Low-pressure mercury amalgam lamps studied and designed specifically for the elimination of odours in hoods systems. Available in different dimensions and powers for both UV-C irradiation and the production of ozone, with proprietary design.

These lamps have a lifespan of between 11.000 and 13.000 hours, reducing considerably maintenance costs also thanks to their “self-cleaning” function and they can be easily applied to their corresponding frames and connected, through fast connectors, to the control panel. 


The control of the ozone lamps in the hoods is the core of the whole filtering system and it must be designed with all the necessary safeguards and guarantee the perfect functioning, without any risks for the user.

The IP54 cabinets, with high-efficiency electronic ballasts for the proper control of UV-C lamps and ozone production and equipped with the control unit (with proprietary software), are characterized by an interface board for simple connection to the system, while also allowing control of the suction motor and gas solenoid valve.

Thanks to the UV SANI control panel, the cabinets can easily transform an existing air duct into a perfect UV-C + Ozone sanitisation system.

Besides, depending on the number of lamps used, the cabinet can easily manage any customized system according to the specific requests.