12 to 500 W high efficiency standard power supply for UV-C lamps, suitable for low pressure vapor mercury and amalgam mercury lamps. The proprietary internal software allows the lamp to be driven with high efficiency and rated UV output power. Internal shut-down system ensures safety operations when a fault occurs, while preserving components from damages.

FREE CONTACT RELAY and LED can monitor the status of the lamp and optional photocoupler inputs are available for external command or 0-10V dimming.

12  ..  500  Watt power

Fix or Dimmable output

Free contact alarm relay

Green/Red monitoring led

4 pin lamps or 2 pin lamps

High efficiency electronics

Enclosed / Without enclosure

Up to 16 lamps

Partial / Total hours counter

2×8 or 2×12 characters

4-20 mA output available

Free contact relay alarm

ON/OFF remote input

Alarm beeper optional


DISPLAY CONTROL LOGICS for UV systems, with hours counting and lamp monitoring. They can be connected to irradiance and temperature sensors for a complete management of the installation.

BASIC logic, without enclosure, and advanced SMART logic enclosed in a plastic box, with optional 4-20 mA output for irradiance and temperature.

UV MONITOR for certified sensors with alarm relay and setting menu.


Standard UV-C SENSOR for UV systems installation with temperature detector and high quality UV-C probe for the wavelenght of 253,7 nm, in SS AISI 316 threaded male enclosure, suitable for general purpose application with low pressure lamps (vapour mercury and amalgam).

Certified O_Nörm and DVGW sensor for UV-C irradiation suitable for Hg medium pressure lamps and low pressure vapour mercury and amalgam lamps, in SS AISI 316 enclosure with different power supply voltage and outputs.

5  to  13 Vdc power supply

Temperature probe available

0 .. 5   to 0 .. 12 VDc output

SS AISI 316 enclosure

Standard or Certified