12 to 500 W high efficiency standard power supply for UV-C lamps, suitable for low pressure vapor mercury and amalgam mercury lamps. The proprietary internal software allows the lamp to be driven with high efficiency and rated UV output power. Internal shut-down system ensures safety operations when a fault occurs, while preserving components from damages.

FREE CONTACT RELAY and LED can monitor the status of the lamp and optional photocoupler inputs are available for external command or 0-10V dimming.

12 .. 500 Watt power
Fix or dimmable output
Free contact alarm relay
Green/red monitoring led
High efficiency electronics
2 pin or 4 pin lamps
Enclosed / without enclosure

Up to 16 lamps
Partial / total hours counting
2x8 or 2x12 characters
Sensor management
Free contact relay alarm
ON / OFF remote
Audible beeper


DISPLAY CONTROL LOGICS for UV systems, with hours counting and lamp monitoring. They can be connected to irradiance and temperature sensors for a complete management of the installation.

BASIC logic, without enclosure, and advanced SMART logic enclosed in a plastic box, with  standard or certified sensor management  and optional 4-20 mA output for irradiance and temperature.

CLEANING SYSTEM  MONITOR with calendar, for the management of the quartz sleeves cleaning inside the chamber

UV MONITOR for certified sensors with alarm relay and setting menu.


Standard UV-C SENSOR for UV systems installation with temperature detector and high quality UV-C probe for the wavelenght of 253,7 nm, in SS AISI 316 threaded male enclosure, suitable for general purpose application with low pressure lamps (vapour mercury and amalgam).

Certified O_Nörm and DVGW sensor for UV-C irradiation suitable for Hg medium pressure lamps and low pressure vapour mercury and amalgam lamps, in SS AISI 316 enclosure with different power supply voltage and outputs.

5 .. 13 Vdc power supply
Temperature probe available
0 .. 5 to 0 .. 12 Vdc output
SS AISI 316 enclosure
Standard or certified