ELECTRONIC BALLASTS 12W … 100W for 2pin/4pin UV-C low pressure lamps


SMALL electronic ballast for 30-40W power 4 PIN LAMPS in a black plastic box, equipped with 1,5 mt lamp cable and a 4 pin socket, available with power plug for fast connection to the mains or 1,5 mt through power cable.

A red/green led on the cover monitors the status of the lamp, and with its internal logic it ensures protection against short circuits on the lamp’s side and optimal absorption from the mains.

The output stage ensures the lamp to be driven at a rated output UV-C power, without electrical losses. With its small dimension, it is the ideal ballast for small systems.

AL1X80 / 2X40

SLIM power supplies for 2-PIN LAMPS in a metal case equipped with a dry contact relay for the lamp alarm and a green/red led to enable the monitoring of the status of the lamp, suitable for 1 x 80 watt lamp or 2 x 40 watt lamps.

With its high efficiency electronic internal core, it can perform rated output current to the lamp providing the integrity of electronic components from short circuits or lamp disconnection. 

The ballast is designed for quick and easy wall mounting, thanks to its metal enclosure with only 2 hole for fixing, and thanks to its reduced width, it saves up space and cabinet asssembling.

EB40  EB80  

METAL CASE power supply from 30 to 100W for low pressure 4-PIN LAMPS with COM-NA alarm relay and green/red led to monitor the lamp, available in EB40 or EB80 power size.

With its metallic enclosure, it can be easily assembled in panel for single lamp systems, thanks to its removable terminal block and for easy wall mounting  thanks to its metal casing with louvers for air flow.

Its input stage provides active form factor correction with low THDI, and high efficiency output current, without any radio frequency emissions.

AL1X40S  AL1X80S

BASIC power supplies for 4-PIN LAMPS without enclosure with NA-COM-NC alarm relay for control logic connection and green/red led. Suitable for powering 1x 40 watt lamps or 1 x 80 watt lamps.

With pluggable terminal blocks it can be easily mounted in panels for multi lamps systems and monitored with green/red led. A dry contact relais can be used for alarm or solenoid valve control.


ENCLOSED power supplies for 40/80W 4-PIN LAMPS in metallic box with pre heat of the filament, equipped with NA-COM-NC alarm relay for lamp fault and green/red led for the monitoring of the pre heat.

The microprocessor-based-internal control unit ensures a high efficiency of the power to the lamps with rated voltage/current and input stage with low ThdI.


SMART power supplies for 4-PIN LAMPS in a plastic box with a display logic. It can run 1 or 2  lamps with 40W or 80W power and it’s equipped with NA-COM-NC alarm relay and solenoid valve command.

The power stage ensures an high efficiency electrical performance, while the control logics provides many functions as hour counter, alarm, solenoid valve command, remote on/off operation.